Backbone JS

Backbone js is one of good framework. It’s light weight and give structure to web application. It consist of : Model View Collection Router Templating (use UnderscoreJs and Handlebarjs) Basic To use backbone , it require jquery (not mandatory) and underscore js (mandatory) View View is used to show your data and event. Here is …

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Grid is layout system which is available in CSS. In this note i just record some GRID Tutorial for my needs

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

SVG Graphics are scalable because they are vector based (drawn with math function). If you resize SVG Graphic it still have good design because it’s based on vector. Here are some sample basic SVG :


Here are some basic Javascript 6 which i know. It’s very usefull for coding gutenberg related plugin and react application

JS Variable

Programming is about manipulating data / value. Data / Value is stored in variable. To create variable in javascript using keyword var . For example var myData = 1; There are 7 data type in Javascript : Number String Boolean null undefined Array Object Number String Boolean Null Undefined Array Object

JS Input Output

Beside using html and javascript file, to test javascript you can use tools in Firefox or Chrome Web Browser. In firefox just click : Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console. Then type alert(“Alert From Web Console”) . In Chrome click : icon in the right top -> More Tools -> Developer Tools -> Console …

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JS Introduction

Web Browser programs are written in JavaScript. JavaScript programming language is used to run program in web browser. With JavaScript you can control how a website behave like changing color , user validation , animation, image slider , make game etc. Twitter , Facebook , Instagram are samples website which use a lot javascript, With …

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